AFX5204_Final Project Idea

Idea Description:

an actor sitting on a chair in his room in front of a glass window and he is holding a book, while he is reading the book he will listen to pistol shots outside (SFX), he will act like he noticed but he doesn’t care for the first time, the a bullet hit the glass window and make a hole (VFX), then the actor will leave his chair responding to the action.

Scene Elements (Breakdown):

Live action : human actor holding a real book and sitting on a real chair.

CG : 3D Environment room with simple furniture

VFX : Glass shattering by a bullet

Note: Maybe i could add a tracked object (that exist in the room) in the post production step, and finally i could show the credits with motion-graphics style (2D or 3D).


CMN5201_ Character Design

These are some design styles for characters, i made these sketches and looking for feedbacks. For me I think characters (1,5,7) are more abstract than others, they also match our module needs

after choosing the best one then i will move into Maya for setting up the characters based on an accepted style in order to model, rig and do the other steps.

*For environment and props i’ll get help from real life objects and maybe game objects,then i will try to turn them into a cartoony, low-poly look


CMN 5201_ Animated short ideas

CMN 5201 Module:


Idea description:

This is to explain two ideas for a 3D animated short with abstract style to be applied during this module.

The first one is about a fresh graduate who starts looking for a job and after many tries, he will find a way to start building his own business.

The second idea which I prefer to work on, it tends to be funny and has unexpected actions, in brief; the scene will start with what looks like an arrested princess in a castle, the princess shouting from a window : help… help, then the brave knight will notice that and decide to save her, after that he will start attacking the castle guards, after getting rid of them and reach the (mad) princess room and asking her to leave the room with him, she sticks in her place, the knight will be surprised ,then she will tell him that she was looking for help with her back dress zipper. Finally, after the brave knight recognize that she is mad he will shout himself and suicide.

*Note: I like this idea(the second one) but I was struggling about the finishing, and what could be more unexpected and make the viewers like the idea and laugh at the end, feedbacks are welcome.