Solved! Rendering with Mental ray/Arnold, but nothing is happening

this post is to share a trouble i faced with batch rendering inside Maya 2016.5 Extension 2, and here the short story of this bug and how it has been solved for me:


Known errors on command prompt:

// Warning: line 1: (Mayatomr.Scene) : output data type “rgba_h” not directly supported by image format tga, conversion performed by mental ray

QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI

batchRenderOptions.mel line 19


Problem Description:

after i set up my scene properly and been ready for rendering, i clicked batch render but there was no response from Maya to apply this function, after that i did a comprehensive research on most active CG forums to find a similar case to mine, unfortunately no one have the solution, solutions were generally not convincing at all like: install Maya and re-install, or formatting your system. so i started analyzing the trouble, I noticed that patch rendering executive file is exist in the task manager processes but not functioning well, i started from this point as a guide and tried these solutions below.

Solutions :
0- the problem is related to batch render executive file not to render engine type, so Mental Ray or Arnold both will not work !
1- delete mental ray plug-in from control panel
2- delete every folder related to mental ray in c:Autodesk OR C:program files/Autodesk
3- delete every unusable script or plug-in in Maya user document folder
4- may delete recently installed plug-ins
5- may delete other Maya versions and their related files on user document, older or newer than mostly used one
6- Go to :Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall\Allowed Programs
and click on change settings then remove every file called Maya except the one you use(double click to check the path),after that browse
for maya batch(usually C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016.5\bin\mayabatch.exe) and load it to the list and
allow it on (Home/work private not public), then click ok.
7- re-install mental ray plug-in, and re install(if exist) the update mental ray file.
8- try to batch render on your scene
9- till this step it worked fine for me for Mental Ray and Arnold

here is a 1 second batch render test after solving using Arnold