AFX5204_Post 1_Final Project Idea

Idea Description:

an actor sitting on a chair in his room in front of a glass window and he is holding a book, while he is reading the book he will listen to pistol shots outside (SFX), he will act like he noticed but he doesn’t care for the first time, the a bullet hit the glass window and make a hole (VFX), then the actor will leave his chair responding to the action.

Scene Elements (Breakdown):

Live action : human actor holding a real book and sitting on a real chair.

CG : 3D Environment room with simple furniture

VFX : Glass shattering by a bullet and collide with the actor hand

Note: Maybe i could add a tracked object (that exist in the room) in the post production step, and finally i could show the credits with motion-graphics style (2D or 3D).



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